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Kiung Fu is a performance art that allows for the highest possibilities of self-expression.

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Welcome to the PTC Zone. Thank you for visiting our website. Please look through this section to get a quick overview of what we offer.

What Style do you Teach?

We teach Kung Fu/Wushu. Both terms are used to describe Chinese Martial Arts. "Karate" is from Japan.

Aren't they the Same?

No! Kung Fu teaches practical applications, self defense and fighting, through a series of athletic and acrobatic movements that exploits the entire body’s widest range of motion.


Are the classes hard?

We strive to preserve the art's original purity. We pay the greatest of attention to the smallest of details. We are persistent, demanding, and always practice what we preach - and we expect the same of our students.

How big are the classes?

On average, our fullest class can be 4-12 students to 1 instructor.

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Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.


Sometimes we have to be taught to believe in ourselves...

My primary job is to INSPIRE and bring out the BEST in my students.

Arturo has over 20 years of experience and still maintains a deep interest in all styles of martial arts. In addition to training in Chinese Martial Arts, he has also practiced Atemi Ryu Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing.

As the head instructor of the PTC Zone, he continues to promote Kung Fu within the community and is dedicated to teaching others the art with the same passion and level of detail as his teachers gave to him.

  • • Certified Martial Arts Instructor
  • • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • • Personal Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • • Youth Fitness Specialist (ISSA)


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Nolwen L.

Sifu's passion is contagious and he will make sure all students understand the philosophy of Kung Fu. There is no copy/ paste mentality at Po Chi Lam Center, you will train and learn the fundamentals of Kung Fu.

Northern Style

Enrique G.

Working with Sifu Williams is great. He is a very dedicated teacher. He explains everything to you and works to your level. Sifu Williams never gives you more than what you can handle.

Hung Gar Style

Francine S.

Very detail oriented teacher. You can tell that he truly loves Martial Arts. Very patient and understanding with the little ones. Teaches true Kung fu techniques. (Po Chi Lam is NOT a belt mill, you have to earn your rank).

Sup Sau Pai Style

Danny R.

All three of my kids are being taught Kung Fu at Po Chi Lam Training Center and could not be any happier. Sifu is great and the school as a whole is very family oriented.

Sup Sau Pai Style

Nate S.

Great experience!!! Great knowlegeable instructor, and a great environment....

Hung Gar

Gil A.

Great classes...kick boxing offers fitness and self defense. Great family environment and the price is unbeatable. If you're looking looking for a place for you or your family do yourself a favor and call Sifu Arturo


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